"Creating a Safe and Secure Malawi"

Inspector General, L. Dzonzi

Welcome to the Malawi Police Website

The Malawi Police Service Website has been developed in response to the growing demand by the general public to seek information from the Service. It is hoped that this will create a forum where members of the community within the country and even outside will have a chance of reporting any cases to do with their safety and security. This will, in the process, lead to effecting arrests of crime perpetrators. It is also a forum where Police will be accountable to members of the society on how it is performing its duties. People will be able to contribute on how best they want their Police to deliver its services.

The website is a means of tip anonymous of any crime and criminology that you see happening in your localities. This website strives to bridge the gap between the Malawi Police Service and the community we serve. It is an information piece that presents safety and security events in terms of criminals who have been nabbed and major community and Police activities that have taken place. It is a forum which gives crime prevention tips to the general public and further gives a feed forward to how community members together with the Police can combat crime to create a safe and secure Malawi. This is one way of giving feedback to the general public and opens a dialogue with the nation on how best we should deliver our services to the interest of the whole nation. But remember that it should not be abused as a centre of gossip. Let us contribute issues that are positive. Bring to your Police candid information. This will serve us resources that could have been wasted because we are responding to force information spending money for fuel and tear and ware for Police vehicles. Bogus information will lead to focus shift of our officers who could have been deployed to localities where there is need for safety and security services. The Service promises to design and implement initiatives that are preventive policing measures in nature rather than curative ones because it is my strong belief that pro-active policing serves a lot of resources. Resources spent on reactive type of policing would have been allocated to other economic development agendas and bring in more economic growth to the nation. If challenges will be there, your Police is very optimistic to keep working together in partnership to ensure that the fear of crime should be transferred from the victims to the perpetrators of crime themselves Have trust in your Police, support it by providing vital information that lead to recovery of valuable property, millions of Kwachas and arrests of perpetrators of crime and criminology. Enjoy accessing this website and let us continue working together in partnership in the fight against crime, domestic violence, child abuse and promotion of road safety and human rights.